I love Chapel street.
It's honestly one of my favorite places in Melbourne. For one the shopping is amazing, from small little boutiques to big name chain brands like Topshop. The surrounding streets are adorable and you can find the cutest little cafes and eerily cool walls covered in graffiti. 
This past weekend I went to Chapel street with a friend, with the sole purpose of seeking out Nutrition Bar, which sells the most amazing smoothie bowls. We both had the peanut butter bowls and they did not disappoint. 
We sat in chairs by the window and spent ages just watching everyone passing, and finding style inspiration. 
I spent way to much money on a pressed juice (which was amazing) and honestly had such a great day, so here are some pictures to commemorate it.

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  1. Post so good, im making you take me here when I come! xox Loving it meggie :) <3