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As we are heading into winter here in Australia, the weather is taking a turn for the miserable.
The past 3 or four days have been chilly, and drizzly all day, and unfortunately I've had to cancel plans of wandering around the city and cute picnics with my friends. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, I've taken the opportunity to whip out my favourite rainy day movies. There's always particular situations I associate with films, whether it be that they are best watched with friends, or maybe it's a movie I have to watch alone at night or in the morning with a cup of coffee and pancakes. My favourite type of movies, however, are the ones I watch on rainy days. 
 Eclectic colours, abstract ideas and beautiful music; what more would you expect from The Beatles? Featuring some of their most famous songs, such as When I'm 64,  Nowhere Man, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and All you need is Love, this movie will make you feel like making art and going on adventures. Completely weird, but in the best possible way this movie is perfect to watch draped across your bed in cosy clothes with rain drizzling down outside.

For me, rainy days are about renewing old favourites. Diving into your childhood to find movies that bring you absolute nostalgic joy. The sound of music was a childhood favourite of mine. I have bountiful memories of watching this movie over and over again at my Granny's house with my sister. We used to put on reenactments of the song So long, Farewell for our family every night before going to bed. I was always so infatuated by Liesl's beautiful dress worn while singing You are Sixteen, and feeling personally attacked when Rolf joins the Nazi party.

Honestly, this is probably my all time favourite movie. I've watched it countless times and probably could quote the whole movie if you asked me to. I don't know what it is about this movie but I just adore it. I never get sick of it no matter how often I do watch it. Honestly I am at a lack of words for this movie... if you haven't watched it before go watch it right now!!!
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