For my birthday last Friday, I thought it was a nice idea to invite some friends over, make a bunch of yummy food, and sit around and chat. It ended up being a really cold day which sucked but we had a lot of fun.
I also went out to get lunch and go vintage shopping in Fitzroy. We went to Radhey kitchen and chai bar, which was amazing. I had the most amazing day
'Relaxing your walls and letting someone in is the most therapeutic and healthy thing you can do for your soul and it really does heal you. We need to open up to people and be more vulnerable and share our insecurities so we can really understand people and bond with them on a more personal level. I was talking to Jessy and Issy about how I think it is so important to observe your motives and decide why you are doing the things you do. Knowing what motivates you helps you to establish what is important to you and decide what is important in your life to help you be happy and reach your goals. It can help you decide what people and things are necessary for your and choose what dead weight to shed. We have the option to change anything in our lives and I think sometimes we get whisked away in the idea that "nothing is fair" and "we have no choice" we sometimes cease to realise that we are the conductors of our own fate.'
I think I want to try and post some more thoughtful writing. I really want to encourage thought and even discussion so please comment your opinions and thoughts. 
Love -Meg
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  1. whered u get r cake from its rlly prtty

    1. I made the cake from a vegan recipe I found online. My older sister iced it and decorated it with edible flowers from our garden. xxx