Moving back to Australia was hard for me. After living in Malaysia, where I had a defined place in a group of girls with similar interests and taste to me, being thrown back into a place where I felt different and unknown. As a new girl, I didn't really have an important place in a group. I struggled with this for the first half of this year, but after a while, I finally found my place.
I have been a new girl at school 5 times (yep, I've been to 5 schools) I think I've begun to become an expert at finding my place, so I thought I would share this stellar knowledge with you all, in the hope that it might help you, whether you are at a new school, a new job or any new experience.
so here goes... my 4 tips for finding your place
I think we are constantly told this, by our parents, our friends and even now celebrities and the media, but I think we don't always fully understand what it means to love yourself. To love yourself isn't always about having the confidence in yourself to wear tight clothing or a bikini. Loving yourself, to me, is about observing everything about yourself, flaws and all, and being comfortable with that. Loving yourself is loving what you want to love. Not being embarrassed about the things you love, even if you think people will judge your passion for these things. Loving yourself is most importantly, about being yourself!

This sounds really negative but, to be completely honest, it's something I have struggled with in the past. The likelihood of you meeting someone with the exact same interests and taste as you, as well as the same beliefs, and expecting to form an immediate and unbreakable bond with someone is unlikely. Possible, but unlikely. Instead of focusing on finding the PERFECT person or group, focus on smaller things like finding people who really appreciate you and finding people that you get along with really well. Find people who appreciate and accept your differences. Chose friends based on personality and how you relate to them. Our materialistic interests change and develop, and maybe as a result of your friendship, you will begin for form similar interests.

I wrote about this in my journal and posted it in a previous post...
'I was talking to Jessy and Issy about how I think it is so important to observe your motives and decide why you are doing the things you do. Knowing what motivates you helps you to establish what is important to you and decide what is important in your life to help you be happy and reach your goals. It can help you decide what people and things are necessary for your and choose what dead weight to shed. We have the option to change anything in our lives and I think sometimes we get whisked away in the idea that "nothing is fair" and "we have no choice" we sometimes cease to realise that we are the conductors of our own fate.'
I think this is so important and I think about this a lot. Its so important to know why we are doing the things we do.
This is probably the most important thing to remember. It will be hard. It will take time. But if you always see the good in situations and rule out the bad, things will get better.

take a tip from sunflowers
 and always turn to the sun
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