NEW ZEALAND (september 2015)

Last week, I spent a blissful 5 days staying with my Grandparents in one of the wine regions of New Zealand. My week was spent visiting and revisiting the same op-shops (thrift stores) multiple times, reading frivolous 70s romance novels collected on my numerous trips to aforementioned op shops, drinking an average of 2.2 cup of black coffee each day, and listening to Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald on vinyl with my Granny, while she told me thrilling stories about her childhood.
The trip acted as a detox from technology and online life for me as my Grandparents don't have wifi. I was only able to acquire brief snippets of internet on our daily walk to the supermarket. I found I had so much time to read without the distraction of endless scrolling through unnecessary articles and random tumblr pages. I found I had more opportunities to connect with people and learn about the people closest to me. I'm not saying I am planning on extracting myself from all internet presence, but I plan to definitely cut down on the excessive use of technology. And spend more time with the people I love doing the things I love
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