learning to relax

I've been not so pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming increase in workload in this first term of the new year. I've found a decreasing amount of spare time and an increasing amount of desperation for time spent in solitude.
I feel like I've finally relaxed into a good little routine of how to fulfil this desire.
I always plan ahead for when I will have my relaxing day and make sure I have any homework done early so I don't have to think about it while I'm meant to be relaxing
As soon as I get home, I put any school materials out of sight, so they can't remind me of any remaining school-related stress.
I grab the latest issue of Vogue, or my current favourite book and head strait to the bathroom to run myself a relaxing bath. I always try to have some pampering products handy for my relaxing day. On this occasion I had a really nice coffee scrub from Ishka and a leftover christmas bathbomb from Lush.
I spend as long as I possibly can soaking in the tub and make sure whenever my mind drifts to school, I suppress those thoughts completely.
I always feel so rejuvenated and reenergised after these pamper sessions, and it has reenforced in me the importance of taking time for myself, no matter how busy and stressed I might be.
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