an ode to film photography...

Theres something incredibly poetic about the permanency of film photos. Whether it be polaroids, disposables or a vintage film camera, film photos capture the emotions of a moment better than any digital camera or phone. When you take a digital photo, you can easily take and retake the photos as many times as you wish. If your anything like me, you'll end up with hundreds of the same image, unable to decide which is the "best". With film photos, you don't have this luxury. Instead, you have to take the photo, the moment, as it is, embracing it for its imperfections. Lens flares, unfocused images and intruding fingers become part of the art. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I'm always thrilled to get back my developed disposables, and find it so entertaining to flip through my photos and look at the perfect little imperfections.
This year, when we went back to Malaysia for a trip, my sister and I both bought disposable cameras to bring to the Island with us. Here are a few of our collective images. I honestly love each and every one of these images. The memories attached to each picture will always have a place in my heart.
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