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Ahoy Sailors,
As most of you would be aware, over the past two weekends one of the world's biggest music festivals took place. Coachella.
The festival seems to be known more for the fashion than the music and we can all see why.
Festival-goers go all out creating gorgeous looks that will influence the rest of our style for the upcoming months. This year I saw so many amazing looks that I fell in love with and thought I would share with you my top three coachella queens. 
This girl's style is always inspiring me, but I feel that she definitely amped up her look for coachella.
Her outfits combined bohemian vibes with a touch of edginess to create some amazing looks.
My favourite thing about Maddi's outfits was definitely her blue hair.
It suited her so well and looked amazing with all her outfits.
all these photos were taken from maddi's twitter or her instagram
I had been following Lauren on instagram for a while before coachella, but fell in love with her style as soon as I saw her first coachella look.
Like Maddi, Lauren takes the typical boho coachella style, and adds just the right amount of edginess. All three of her outfits were amazing and her accessorising was incredible.
all of these photos were taken from Lauren's twitter or her instagram
I have no idea who this girl is, but from this single look, I think she should be crowned Queen of Coachella.
Everything about her look was incredible. I loved the minimal amount of accessorising as it made the rest of the outfit stand out so much more. I thought the outfit itself was boho and trendy, but incredibly girly at the same time. 
if anyone knows who this girl is or where i could find her outfit please tell me

One of my closest friends, Jessy, just started an amazing blog. Definitely go check her out!!

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