October went way to fast for my liking.
so much was packed into such a small amount of time for me, when I wasn't working, I was trying to spend as much time as possible with my friends, and when I wasn't doing that, I was frantically studying for exams. But I somehow found the time to find tonnes of new amazing things that I wanted to share with you all. Some of these have been favorites for a while, and others have been very recent findings, so lets get into it...
  • I have been loving stone fruit at the moment, particularly mangoes and peaches. Neither are in season in Australia yet, but that doesn't stop me. Somehow I have managed to get some really delicious, ripe, juicy ones so far.
  • The other day I had a fierce craving for buttermilk pancakes. I have never managed to make nice vegan ones so I was skeptical while making the batter from a recipe in my new cookbook Veganissimo. The pancakes turned out amazing, deliciously light and fluffy with a perfect vanilla flavour.
  • my last food related favorite was surprisingly black coffee. I never thought I would be able to stand the bitter taste of black coffee, but all of a sudden I have fallen madly in love. 

  •   thanks to the wonderful netflix, I have now developed an obsession with That Seventies Show. I guess part of it comes from the completely iconic style, or maybe it's the relatable scenarios or the hilarious jokes, but something about this show completely draws me in, and makes me laugh out loud.
  • Many of you would have watched the movie LOL featuring Miley Cyrus, but how many people knew it was a remake of a french film by the same name?? I certainly didn't but I'm glad I found out. I watched this one recently and enjoyed it so much more than the Miley version. There is something about watching films in a different language....
  • Recently, I have been going through an embarrassing obsession with the iconic band : THE BEACH BOYS. On the way back from New Zealand, I saw they had a film about one of the band members who is possibly one of the best song writers ever, Brian Wilson, called LOVE AND MERCY. It shows his experience with mental illness, among other things, showing the source through a series of heart wrenching flash backs. Definitely a movie I would recommend.
  •  On my trip to New Zealand, I finally got the chance to read a book I have been panning on reading for ages. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a touching story, fundamentally about finding yourself. The book really resonated with me and I found that it was an easy read, but at the same time made you think really deeply. 10/10
  • I've been loving reading cheesy 70s romance novels, from the hilarious covers to the predictable plot lines... whats not to like?? Plus, at thrift stores, they are shockingly cheap.
  • I've found a new favorite Author recently : James A. Michener. He writes amazing books, often inspired by his world travels. I've read Caravans, which honestly made me want to run away and spend the rest of my life living in the desert, and I am currently reading Drifters, which Is a really cool book as it follows many different characters, whose stories all connect. I would definitely recommend James A. Michners works, his writing style is really intriguing. 
  • I've recently been really loving two blogs : the socal collective and The Messy Heads. Both are run by awesome people with really great ideas so I definitely recommend checking them out.
  • if you have watched my recent haul, you will know about my newfound obsession with Her Pony the label. They are an amazing brand that makes some of the coolest unique clothes around. DO NOT look at their website if you are trying to save money. The beautiful patterns and boho style will draw you in and you won't be able to resist their awesome items.
  • I also recently purchase the too faced natural eyes palette with a gift voucher had. It has a wonderful mixture of shimmery and matte shades, and I feel like a goddess when I use it. And the best thing?? It's cruelty free!!!
  • recently one of my favorite bands Fat Freddy's Drop released their new album and it is amazing 100/10
  • I used to listen to Pink Floyd's album The Wall a lot. My older sister used to play it non-stop and it really grew on me. I never tried to listen to Dark Side Of The Moon cause I thought it was too hyped up, but now I understand why. Its such a well done album, each track flawlessly blends into the next so you never even know when the song changes. COOLEST ALBUM EVER!!!
  • I made a playlist on soundcloud based around the songs of one of my favorite bands The Babe Rainbow. Its full of songs that make me dream of going to the beach and dancing with friends

I've been loving all of these things so much, so hopefully you check them all out.
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