Melbourne With Meghan #1

I've finally returned from a month long blogging hiatus.
I had exams and then school camp, and then didn't feel any motivation to post, but hopefully I'll be able to get back into some sort of a routine over the summer holidays.
I thought it would be a cute idea to start doing some short videos, breifly showing everyone some of my favorite places to go around my city, starting with Chapel Street. I spend a lot of time in this little health food shop called The Nutrition Bar. The make amazing smoothie bowls and raw cakes, and it is a very serene place to sit for an hour, watching the people walking by. I always find so much inspiration from looking at the way people dress on chapel street. You always see such diversity in peoples personal style. Today I finally got around to taking my little sister along with me, something we have been planning to do for months now. It was a really lovely time and gave us a nice opportunity to chat.
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