♡Photo Diary: Venice♡

Ahoy Sailors,
We are now in Italy and it is AMAZING!!! I am in love. We have left Venice, So it's time to share my photos of this beautiful city.
We took even more photos in the windows because ours in venice had the most beautiful views of the canal.
 We went for a tour of venice with a friend. She showed us a lot of the less touristy places which was great. I learnt a lot about how venice was built and the history of venice.
 We also went on a Gondola ride which was amazing. We saw lots of beautiful buildings on our way. 
 Venice is such a beautiful city and it has such amazing food. I wish I could have visited a few years ago when it was less touristy. Every second shop was a souvenir store.
All of the pictures of me were taken by Anna. Her instagram is @_annam231
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