✧Photo Diary: Salzburg✧

 Ahoy Sailors,
So I just left Salzburg and I thought I would share some photos from this superb city.
 This first photo was taken after my sister and I took directions from a stranger and ended up getting lost in this place with lots of trees around it. We eventually found our parents but we stopped to take some pretty pictures. 
 Again we had to take some more window pictures because the windows here are amazing.
We spent most of our time in Salzburg just wandering around shops and visiting castles.
On our last day in Salzburg we visited the Modern Art Museum. We didn't get to see any exhibitions because they were all closed or too disturbing. We did get to have a great lunch though with a magnificent view of Salzburg.
The last picture was from the entrance of the Modern Art Museum. You can't really read the red, but basically what it said was that you take from the artwork what you want to. There are different ways to interpret artworks but in the end all you will see is your own.

P.S. all the photos of me were taken by my sister Anna. Her instagram is @_annam231
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