☽Photo Diary: Vienna☾

Ahoy sailors,
On Sunday, it was the vienna marathon. Seeing as my parents were running, I get to tag along and see some of Austria and Italy. 

We arrived in Vienna on saturday I arrived after missing our connection in Amsterdam. We then had to rush me and my younger sister to the coca-cola 4.2 km race.
The next day was marathon day for Mum and Dad, so my sisters and I had breakfast by ourselves and made our way to the finish line. We got there earlier than expected so we got coffees and wandered around taking pictures of all the beautiful buildings. It was really cool cause we were able to see both Mum and Dad cross the finish line. The last few times that we went to see them finish, we got lost and missed them.
After the marathon, we all went for a walk along the Wien river looking for somewhere to have coffee, but we couldn't find anywhere so we just walked and took photos.
This morning we left the lovely Vienna and came to Salzburg. I think Vienna was one of the most beautiful cities I have been to. One day I would love to come back and spend more time wandering the streets and getting lost. Before we left, we took some photos in front of the window which was FREEZING cold but loads of fun.
OUTFIT: Jacket from Brandy Melville
       Knit jumper from Gap 
     Leggings from H&M
     Shoes from Converse
            Heart choker made by me
          Tattoo choker from Etsy

P.S. All of the photos of me were taken by my sister Bridie. Her instagram is @gem.ni.

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