✧20 random facts // Ahoy Megs✧

  1.  It's really hard to make my hair messy. Even when I wake up in the morning its neat.
  2.  I used to be scared of scottish accents because of a movie I saw
  3.  When I was 8 I used my Arctic Monkeys CD as a lullaby
  4. When I was 8 I thought the Arctic monkeys was actually a group of arctic monkeys                                     
  5. I used to be really short but when I was 12 I grew really really fast
  6. I have massive feet. I can't even buy shoes in the country I live
  7. I've been to six schools
  8. I have dual citizenship
  9. I've lived in  three different countries
  10. I was born in Feilding, New Zealand which has won the prize for New Zealand's most beautiful town 14 times.
  11. My best subjects at school are English, Drama and French
  12. They are also my favourite subjects
  13. My dad has the best music taste ever so I grew up listening to bands like The Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, The Clash, The Smiths, The Kooks and tonnes of others
  14. I keep a diary
  15. I prefer reading classic book but I'm really obsessed with a couple of teen series
  16. My favourite foods are Vietnamese Spring Rolls and Lolly Cake
  17. I don't really like meat
  18. I was vegetarian for a while but then my blood pressure got really low and I started fainting
  19. I have two beautiful sisters that are my best friends
  20. I tried doing the 50 random facts post but I cannot think of a single other thing about myself
Thanks for reading 
-Meg xx

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