blog appreciation post : Kiki Tyler

Ahoy Sailors,
Almost everyday, I manage to get to school far too early.
Instead of revising, doing homework, or really anything productive, I like to waste time browsing through all of my favourite blogs.
The first blog I check is ALWAYS Kiki Tyler,
and let me tell you; reading this blog is no waste of time.
Her constant outflow of posts are incredibly inspiring to me. She features rustic looking photos of incredibly stylish bohemian outfits. Even when clothes are not involved, there are always gorgeous photos of cute items or aesthetically pleasing food.
Even when there are no new blog posts, I always can see more of her talent on her youtube : rosykid
or her instagram: @cctylr
So definitely check this girl out, if you haven't already.
You won't regret it.

Christie's (kiki's) links:
         blog : kiki tyler 
youtube : rosykid
instagram : cctylr      

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