LUSH : Titsy Totsy, Dragon's Egg and Twilight

Ahoy Sailors,
My name is Meghan, and I am a Lush addict.
Over the past two weeks, I have made countless trips into Lush. 
I have been loving their bath bombs, and probably have had a bath every single day these holidays.
I thought it would be a good idea to show you a few of the bath bombs I have had, share some pictures, and give my opinions on them.
so here goes...
Titsy Totsy Bath Bomb
Unlike most Lush Bath bombs, this rose scented beauty doesn't provide much colour to your bath. Despite this, Titsy Totsy is one of my favourite bath bombs. The rose smell it very fresh and clean smelling, and reminded me of turkish delight. This is one bath bomb I would 100% recommend.
Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb
The Dragon's Egg bath bomb was a nice colourful surprise.
Despite it's colourless exterior, as it fizzed it revealed a sparkling golden centre. 
 It had a very sweet, lemongrass scent that was very refreshing.
My only issue with this bath bomb was cleaning it up. The bath bomb had confetti in it that suck to the bath. 
Twilight Bath Bomb
This was one of the most relaxing bath bombs I have had. The prominent lavender scent almost put me to sleep. I personally wasn't ecstatic about the end colour of the bath, a rather dull lavender colour, but in general I enjoyed this bath bomb. 
So there you have it. Some of the bath bombs I have had recently.
I purchased a few more lush products recently so if you would like to see another post like this, please let me know.
- meg x

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